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Under the Muumuu

Mag Bag - No Waste

Mag Bag - No Waste

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In clothing production, cuts are made for the primary garment, leaving behind odd shapes of fabric. For larger companies, these pieces end up in the garbage. For smaller businesses, we can choose to hang on to them until an idea spring up. 

With the Mag Bag, is was literally at the end of my fingers. My most favored vintage bag, procured from an antique store on Magazine Street in New Orleans. As soon as the temps rise, she is my one and only every time I leave the house. 

It felt fitting to create an homage considering the size of fabric needed and what I had available. 

Here you'll find an assortment from our most popular fabrics past, given new life to carry on the fabulous prints and patterns seen. 

12" x 9.75" this bag can fit more than expected. But don't overload her. She is fully lined and can go in the wash on cold/gentle and either air dry or dry on low. 

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