House of Lu is created by Lu Nicotera, an independent, one-woman slow fashion movement on a mission. The world needs more individuals shining bright, living big and ready to turn it on. Here, it starts with our clothes. 


Lu relocated to Los Angeles in the beginning of 2021 to be closer to her sources of deadstock fabric. (Deadstock fabrics are essentially fashion industry leftovers that would normally have been thrown away after a certain amount of time. via green matters). It's a hunt for the perfect prints and textures. Feeling is everything. Time and time again, House of Lu Collectors have shown they love the bold prints. But every now and then, Lu likes to throw a curve ball when the fabric leaves her screaming with excitement. 


All patterns, samples and production are drafted, cut and sewn by Lu.
(she also does the photography, website, emails and social posts)


Lu found her first vintage piece, a gorgeous 1960s housecoat, while in college, over 20 years ago. It started as something colorful to wear for Mardi Gras but overtime, begged for regular attention. Each time Lu chose the housecoat, random interactions with strangers, over conversations started with a comment on the dress, would occur. She'd leave simultaneously mystified and delighted with each new fast friend and wondered if this was an isolated incident or one that could be reproduced. Sure enough, with each new vintage muumuu, caftan and housecoat, new street friends, in-line friends and passing-by friends would appear. The true goal is to create clothing worthy of commentary to spur those interactions with others. To leave you delighted and mystified by them and to create excitement and anticipation every time you choose your Under the Muumuu piece.