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Polly Pocket Dress in Color No. 15

Polly Pocket Dress in Color No. 15

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Polly Pocket - a tiny world made to fit in your pocket. This perfect pocketed caftan has super-sized pockets for YOUR whole world to fit in YOUR pockets.

No joke. Leave your purse at home - you'll never want to carry it again. 

Geometric pop fabric is a super soft cotton canvas, one with way more drape than you'd expect (and will get softer with every wash). 

100% cotton.

Machine wash, dry low. 

One Size, ready to ship. Comes with matching belt. 

Fits Size 12 and below (for reference: Lu is a size 2 on top and a 8 in her hips)

35.5" in length. Best on shorter bodies or those of you with killer legs.  

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