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Under the Muumuu

Polly Pocket Dress Color No. 21

Polly Pocket Dress Color No. 21

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Polly Pocket - a tiny world made to fit in your pocket. This perfect pocketed caftan has super-sized pockets for YOUR whole world to fit in YOUR pockets

No joke. Leave your purse at home - you'll never want to carry it again. 

Lu found this fabric while on location in Chicago for a TV show and has been holding onto it for the perfect piece. It is, without a doubt, the softest fabric ever. Boarding slightly on the perfect blanket, you'll find yourself reaching for it on the daily, as it always seems to be the perfect fit for whatever you're feeling. 

100% cotton. Machine washable.

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Size Medium Short(ready to ship)

Measures: 23.625" across (47.5" full circumference) and 34.75" in length. 

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