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Under the Muumuu

Ford Tuxedo Duster in Color No. 49

Ford Tuxedo Duster in Color No. 49

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Meet Ford. A deviation from the usual naming pattern but still a diva. Ford is named for Tom Ford as he's so notably photographed in his signature Tuxedo jacket, white shirt, collar open, brooding gaze. The name feels fitting beyond style for the hours I spent obsessing over him and his work as a teenager, years before I ever conceived of having my own creations.

This double-sided jacquard has a drape and flow that feels like buttah and is truly a unique piece that will remain in your closet for YEARS to come. Ford is more structured than most items to come out from Under the Muumuu, which allows the slightly oversized fit to remain sturdy on the body (Lu is happily wearing the Medium. She's normally a 2 on top and 6-8 on the bottom). This duster has 2 sizeable inset pockets and the edges and interior are all finished in bias for added strength and beauty. 

Size options:

Small: length: 36", bust: 37", hip: 43", sleeve: 23"

Medium: length: 39", bust: 43", hip: 48", sleeve: 24"

Large: length: 42", bust: 49", hip: 54", sleeve: 25"  

All dusters are made to order. 

Fabric: cotton/wool/viscose blend

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