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Under the Muumuu

Monroe Belt - No Waste

Monroe Belt - No Waste

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Mostly inspired by the channel stitch of martial arts uniform belts but also the strength - those suckers are designed to stay put!

This belt is named after my brother's Taekwondo instructor, Mr. Monroe. Memories of a bunch of little kids in white uniforms too big for them and a room that smelled like feet - their instructor who reminded me of the bad guy in the Karate Kid which meant I never trusted him and had concerns as to why my brother was taking lessons from this man. 

In this world, instead of leveling up with one color, you get to wear ALL of the colors. Originally offered with the Rosa Dress with the first collection and you can grab it and throw it around any dress wanting a little cinch or pop of color.  Have a whole rainbow so you can mix and match.

 All machine washable and dry on low. Yes, you have permission to belt your muumuu! (not that you needed it).

**not seeing the color you were hoping for? There's a never ending pile of belts to sew - send an email to and if you can, include a screenshot of the fabric you were hoping to find. Let's see if we can make this happen for you!

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