With the introduction of the Beachy Caftans drop, a new price point has appeared in the House of Lu and it's a thrilling moment indeed. 

The primary focus for all House of Lu pieces is featuring deadstock, fabrics no longer of use by the original purchaser and otherwise set for a fate in the dumpster, ultimately leading to an increase in our global pollution. As the Fashion Industry is the second-largest polluter of the planet, it takes a double effort from the designers choosing to offer options from fabrics that already exist and you, the consumer, choosing to support designers on the front lines of these efforts. 

As the focus is print-driven, more often than not, the fabrics being offered are designer deadstock. With a lower price point than what would have previously existed from the designer, it still can be out of reach for some. 

The introduction of colors 41 and 42 feature what is being referred to as a "general deadstock" meaning so high-end designer name or exclusive custom-made Italian label can be attached and therefore, the price can be lower. 

It's in finding these pieces that I can then pass on the prices to you in the form of a whole new price point option for everyone coming over to the House to say Hello. 

While availability of all is never a guarantee, it's truly a priviledge to be able to expand the offerings while the operations are still so small. 

If you ever have questions - head to that contact page or email

Always happy to help!