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Most fashion companies design 9 - 12 months in advance based on predictive color palette and patterns - often custom designing fabrics and ordering in "sample" quantities to be able to play around and see if they work. 

With House of Lu, the pleasure truly lies in the pursuit of the most perfect fabrics, colors and patterns, with quick turn-around. 

It's a game of hit or miss and this round was a huge hit. The colors appeared quickly and in such a specific in palette that is was hard to deny what was taking shape. 

They immediately took me back to this photo I took of Santa Rosa Beach, FL an early morning before the crowds were out.

photo of umbrellas lined up on the beach early in the morning. taken at santa rosa beach florida by lu of house of lu
It was 2015, I'd just finished my first season working on a procedural television show and I was exhausted. And yet felt so alive once I hit that beach. 
At first, I thought of all the different ways I could imagine this fabric but, nothing beats a good caftan. Arms wide, wind billowing - it's truly hard NOT to feeling absolutely glamorous wearing one. And considering there was some familiar fabric, it was an easy decision to bring back the OG Diana Caftan. 
House of Lu Diana Caftan in Color Number 40, a deep lapis blue buttery cotton with white graphic print
House of Lu Diana Caftan in Color Number 13, a deep emerald green with white tribal print. This color was originally introduced in 2019 and a small amount of yardage was recently found in 2022.
So the next big question was "who's the new kid in town?!"
If you caught Monday's Instagram Post you'll recall there was mention of a new price point being introduced with our newest caftan Mae.
House of Lu Mae Caftan in Color number 42, a bright lime green graphic print on a white background
House of Lu Mae Caftan in Color Number 41, a bright sky blue graphic print on white background
In the history of House of Lu (and Under the Muumuu), the designer fabrics have always featured the large graphic patterns you all have come to love (and expect - not mad! I trained you well!) and the general deadstock can be more of a dig, especially for cotton fabrics. 
When I say the introduction of Mae and Colors number 41 (blue) and 42 (green) are blowing it through the roof - I'm already stressing about how I'm supposed to follow this up (I really could use some emojis right now).
This cotton lawn fabric has taken me by surprise and totally stole my heart. It's light and airy with a crisp hand, holding its drape effortlessly. This pattern is the epitome of in-store gasps of joy, that perfect scale and color. 
Keeping this caftan traditional was the best application for Mae's versatility and well as wash and wear. Because the fabric is so light, you can take her on vacay, wear her to the beach, give her a wash in the sink, dry her with a hair dryer and take her out to dinner all in the time it takes to finish that pre-dinner cocktail!
Diana will be one size which is 44" flat across. 
**If you would prefer larger, please email me and I'd be happy to work with you. 

 Mae will be offered in Small, Medium and Large.

Small = 33" flat, Medium = 44" Flat and Large = 55" Flat. 

As always, if you have any questions, email me at heylady@shophouseoflu.com or feel free to DM me on instagram! 






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