Meet Mae!

I'm so excited to introduce you to Mae, the newest caftan in the House of Lu lineup. When choosing fabrics, my goal is to showcase these beautiful prints in the most uninterrupted way and Mae does that beautifully. Here, you'll find a video giving you a better closeup as to how she moves as well as her versatility and packability. 

Featured here in color number 41 and available for sale starting Tuesday May 17th at 12pm CST. 

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to me at or via the contact page. Always happy to help!




Time breaks:

00:00 - 00:50: greetings, measurements, size offerings and production details

00:51 - 01:40: fabric weight, washing and packing details

01:41 - 02:26: my undying love and affection for this fabric and shape

02:27 - 04:08: arm openings, sizing needs and Mae becomes a transformer, Pt. 1

04:09 - 06:02: Mae becomes a transformer, Pt. 2 (yes, there is a belt involved!)

06:03 - 06:23: final details, limited run, and see you laters!

Too long, can't watch:

Mae wanted to say hello and properly introduce herself. 

She's a traditional caftan cut with a side vent, just under 45" in length.

In the video, Lu is wearing a size Medium (44" flat across) and Mae will be offered in Small (33" flat), Medium and Large (55" flat). 

Mae will be  made to order to ensure that everyone gets the size that they want (and they can be out in time for you to take on Memorial Day Vacay!) and the fabric does not go to waste. 

Mae is made from a lightweight cotton lawn and she is a little bit sheer. Lu has on a nude bra and underwear in the video which you cannot see (she also had nude undergarments on in all photos).

Mae would work amazingly as a swimsuit cover-up and if you choose to go that route, this fabric is also so thin, that it dries fast. After a quick wash in the sink,  squeezed  out and hung it up in the shower to dry  - it took about an hour, hour and a half. You could also take out a hair dryer for a quick dry which makes Mae a perfect piece for packing. Wash it and wear it on the go. 

Beyond the perfection of print and fabric drape, if you're a fan of tucking anything under your bra straps for cooling and mobility, Mae perfectly can convert into an A-line dress with a quick tuck. 

To keep in mind, she has a 9.5" arm opening to make this possible. Noting that this arm opening will not allow the conversion to happen for all, if you have any questions, reach out as adjusting that armhole measurement is very easy and can happily be accommodated for any order. 

Taking one step further, there will be an option to add a belt to your Mae order giving you the option to wear her 3 different ways, making her the perfect packable piece for your next trip away, be it weekend or vacay. 



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