Dec 26 Sale Postponed

Dec 26 Sale Postponed

There's nothing that can bring a people pleaser down quite like not being able to deliver. The irony in all of this is I set the deadline. But sadly, I won't be able to start the sale on the 26th like I had planned. 


Truth is, I can't operate like I used to. Everything is taking 2-3x longer simply because I don't have the strength or energy to execute like lightning. For so long, I existed in a place where I was conditioned to function like a production. You have a plan, the plan goes out the window, everything becomes reactionary. I'm now in therapy 2 days a week (back to back) to try and undo all the programming that has been done and figure out, who am I underneath it all?


The other day, I went digging in my instagram, looking for a reference. As I scrolled further and further down, I found evidence of a person that used to be fun, funny and had no qualms about putting it all out there. 

lu (from under the muumuu) wearing a first season diana caftan while riding a swan boat in city park in new orleans
Who was relentless with her curiosity (this photo is the product of a reflection on the screen of the iphone in selfie mode, pointed down into the tide pool. i'm still amazed by it). 
Someone who set goals based on how ridiculously entertaining they were and then somehow managed to achieve them aka Muumuus Across America
I stare at all versions of her in amazement because she is me. The current version is clawing her way out of a hole, trying to get to the level of her but here. What can she do with that same curious drive coupled with all the wisdom gained from age and adversity?

What's to come. 

Everything that is on the site now will be placed on sale. But that's not the end. 
For everything that still has excess fabric in stock, once featured before - I've been playing around with styles I've been curious about and when those post, they will automatically be placed at a sale price. Hoping to get everything done by middle of January which will then allow for fresh fabrics for Spring (already in hand) to start taking shape. 
I don't know if the made-to-order model will exist for the short future. I don't know how far I'll go past Spring. It's apparent I'm in a continuous state of evolution and I have to honor that I have no control over anything except my reactions and my emotional state. My greatest priority at this point is my health, the one thing I haven't honored in about 10 years. 


If you've made it this far, bless you! 

And if you're not on a list (email or text), I'd recommend jumping on it now. These days, Instagram is only showing posts to about 1% of my audience (and if that is you, congrats) so email or text is the best way to know when these items finally become available. 
As always, I'm an open book. Feel free to ask any questions. 
Much love, 
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