Burnout and Caftans - What Could They Possibly Have In Common?

Burnout and Caftans - What Could They Possibly Have In Common?

I used to subscribe to Hustle culture. There’s something about it that appeals to both people pleasers and anyone with a chip on their shoulder trying to prove something. The interesting part about it is that we can think we’re in charge, but we’re not. IT is in charge. That never ending need for the unidentifiable thing that is driving us.

When I first started this line, it never occur to me that my need was to be seen. If you’ve followed me long enough, you’d know my personality is as big as these pieces I design and sew but, I was completely unaware there was a driving force behind all of that. Because for so many years, I was told I was too much. And here I was in this world, now being praised for being too much. Or rather giving too much. I was faster than everyone else, always avaible, ready to jump whenever you needed me. It’s as if the well was dry for so long that no water could fill it - it was just getting sucked into these unknown crevices that were waiting to simply rebuild the well before it could fill itself up.

The sneaky part - the well was never going to be filled.

I didn’t realize there was a hole in it that needed patching. And I was the only one who could do it.

That was 2017. It’s 2023. I’m now 41. I’ve spend the last two years in the final shakes of falling apart only to finally figure out how to put myself back together again. And part of that means, I’M DONE.

Done overcompensating. Done overdoing it. Done saying yes when the answer is really no.

I’ve checked out on hustle culture. A big thanks to L-Theanine for lowering my cortisol levels to a proper “DGAF” status.

And without even realizing it, what I make is the antithesis of hustle culture. We are not “running” in these clothes. We’re not overdoing it. Hell, caftans are like giant parachutes. They’re gonna catch that drag and FORCE you to slow down whether you like it or not.

They are a call that says “On break…indefinitely.”

If you’re still on your grind, go ‘head. No shame in anyone’s game.

When you are ready to throw that phone down, take off your bra (maybe even ya draws) and remove all the makeup, we (me and Diana) are here and waiting. And now that we have Petite (sorry it took so long), we’ve got more room than ever for you.

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