A Bouquet of Iris' Lands in Time for Spring

Long overdue, a variety of Iris to take us into the Spring. 

If you followed along on Instagram this week, you would have seen a reel highlighting the variations of Iris since her debut back in 2018 and in it, the decision to go back to the two style, one size versions initially launched in 2019. A recent diagnosis of ADD (and subsequent medication) forced me to review a lot of the decisions I'd made in the past. It turns out, people with ADD crave new/novelty moments in order to light our brains up - so the constant changes were feeding a need I didn't even know I had. But in truth, what I crave is consistency. Ease. I went back through old photos and saw how many of you fit so beautifully into those two cuts and based on the yardage I had in house (which isn't much compared to the past), it seemed like a perfect time to lock in those cuts.


As you scroll through the site, you'll also see one additional cut, referred to as "No Waste".

You'll see this one has a seam line down the center front, whereas the others, do not. In this instance, the width of the fabric allowed for one additional cut while cutting out the pieces for the other patterns. In an effort to use all of the fabric purchased, this little pivot gives you one more chance to own a pattern that can never be reproduced. It also works to keep more fabric out of landfills. Instead of two Iris', we now have 3. This style also works well for individuals who may feel overwhelmed by the pattern and want a little break in the middle. Consider it a "gateway" Iris haha! 


It's definitely a practice I hope to employ more, especially with Iris. I'm in the stores weekly, searching for the perfect Iris fabrics as this launch has me feeling nostalgic and ready to keep more of her around going into the warmer months. 

Color number 63 (above) is joined by Color Number 61

a single appearance by Color 62 (only one dress available)

and a re-work for Color Number 30, that had a little leftover yardage from it's Iris launch back in Summer of 2021. 


As per usual, if you have questions, I have answers! 

heylady@underthemuumuu.com or you can use the contact form here



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